Lily Pai - Jewelry Designer

Jewelry, to me, symbolizes LIFE - in all its beauty, the connections we make, the delicate balance we strive to achieve, the colorfulness of our experiences, the contrasts . . . all coming together to create a beautiful whole.


I was born and raised in India, left there to follow my education and career in architecture, and am now raising my family in Indiana – a place I love living in for the warmth and hospitality of the people and the community.


In 2006 I took my first metalsmithing class and fell in love with jewelry design. The skills I developed as an architect lend themselves to creating jewelry; they help me see my designs as a kind of micro-architecture. I want my designs to reflect life – our interconnectedness, the struggle for balance, comfort and simplicity.


I am blessed to have received awards for my designs including the Rio Grande award for Fine Jewelry in 2013, and the Best of Jewelry award in 2014 from the Indianapolis Art Center. In 2014 I was chosen to create a necklace commemorating the Strength of the Women’s Spirit that was presented to Actress Geena Davis.  


I believe the right piece of jewelry is like a talisman that empowers your spirit and gives you strength and joy. It should be a reflection of your individuality and make you happy when you wear it.  Creating a piece of jewelry that helps YOU feel this way allows me to combine my love of making jewelry with my passion for empowering women to live their best lives.

Jewelry Designer Lily Pai